Public Company ForceField® – Primary D&O

Specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of publicly traded companies and their management teams, we offer broad coverage and up to $25M in limits for your clients.  Our appetite spans from small reverse mergers to large publicly traded corporations with up to $10 billion in market capitalization.

Product features

  • Personal Protections for Directors and Officers: Provides coverage for Facilitation Costs, Reputation Costs, Asset Protection Costs, U.K. Corporate Manslaughter Act Defense Costs, Liberty Protection Costs, and Pre-Claim Inquiry Costs
  • Strategic Response®: Crisis Event Coverage included via endorsement at no additional cost
  • E-Discovery Services offered as a result of a Securities Claim; no retention applies to the first $25,000 incurred as Defense Costs
  • Pre-Claim Inquiry Coverage includes coverage for costs incurred by an Insured Person to appear at a deposition or produce documents as requested by a regulator, or to respond to an investigation of the Company; an allegation of a Wrongful Act is not required
  • Broad Definition of ‘Claim’
  • Broad Definition of ‘Loss’
  • Broad Definition of ‘Wrongful Act’
  • ‘Limited’ Conduct Exclusion: includes “final, non-appealable adjudication in any underlying action or proceeding” language
  • ‘Narrow’ Entity v. Insured Person Exclusion
  • ‘Narrow’ Prior Notice Exclusion
  • Favorable Notice Provisions
  • Retention Erosion: recognize Side-A Excess DIC Insurance Policy payments as eroding applicable retention
  • Defense Costs Advanced on ‘Current Basis’: no later than 60 days after requested
  • ‘Severability’ of the Application: only CEO and CFO impute to the Company; no Insured Person-to-Insured Person imputation
  • Additional Features: fully non-rescindable policy; ‘severability’ of cooperation; recovery of limits less cost of recovery; no subrogation against an Insured Person

Multinational Coverage: To learn more about our multinational offering, Allied WorldWide, click here.

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