Singapore – Risk Management

Allied World’s Risk Management team understands that risk is present in all business activities, be it operating a property, constructing a plant, transporting cargo or managing healthcare. That is why we have a team of Risk Managers who have the industry experience and technical skills to help our clients, underwriters and brokers manage risk.

Our team

  • Civil and mechanical engineers
  • Logistics and security experts
  • Mariners
  • Nurses and Physiotherapists
  • Skilled individuals with experience related to the power industry, semiconductor industry, tunnelling, project cargo, logistics and healthcare

Our services

Working closely with our customers enables us to review physical operations and propose economically feasible recommendations to improve risk profiles. Our team also works closely with our claims department to recognize and understand common industry issues, helping our clients avoid those pitfalls.

Specific services include:

  • Assessing passive and active fire protection
  • Checking that human element risks are controlled
  • Ensuring adherence to inspection test plans
  • Reviewing maintenance programmes
  • Working directly with injured workers to ensure return to health and work