USA – FrameWRX

Pre-Breach Cyber Risk Management Services/Platform

Proactive, prescriptive and practical, Allied World // FrameWRXSM (pronounced “Frame Works”) helps organizations take control of their cyber exposure in a rapidly evolving, inherently complex environment. FrameWRX offers solutions that enhance cyber security readiness and incident response capabilities. Clients receive proactive guidance, ongoing support, and relevant industry offerings at no additional cost as part of their Cyber policy.

Personal attention is just a phone call away. A dedicated FrameWRX guide will coordinate the entire process, allowing organizations to focus on cyber risk management. The FrameWRX team engages with insureds through each element of service, coordinates scheduling and serves as a dedicated advocate.

FrameWRX provides a sub-set of the following services:

  • Allied World Information Portal via eRiskHub: Centralized access to key information related to Allied World Breach Response Services, FrameWRX Services, Risk Manager & CISO Tools, and News Center for relevant industry information.
  • Cyber Knowledge Center: Access to online training courses, advice and support via a virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), Incident Response Planning resources, and cyber fitness check.
  • “Table Top” Exercise: Eligible policyholders receive a mock privacy incident scenario to test incident response capabilities.
  • Vulnerability Management Platform: Clients receive personalized onboarding and access to a platform that provides prescriptive threat intelligence and vulnerability reports. It also provides compliance and vendor risk assessments.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Alerting: Organizations receive email notifications when vulnerabilities are detected to enhance their threat intelligence.
  • Social Engineering Simulations: Provides organizations access to mock social engineering – email (‘phishing’) or spoofed phone call (‘vishing’) – simulations for their employees to evaluate internal awareness, identify areas of susceptibility, and teach positive behavior to reduce exposures.
  • Mobile Security Self Evaluation: Assesses mobile security, security controls, policies and procedures, and consultation based on the evaluation results.

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