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FORCEFIELD® Healthcare Management Liability

Formulated with comprehensive protection that contemplates the many exposures healthcare organizations face, this coverage treats a broad spectrum of liability exposures, including healthcare-specific challenges such as HIPAA, regulatory claims, antitrust claims and provider selection practices.

Allied World’s ForceField® Healthcare Liability solution is offered as a package (allowing policyholders to combine multiple coverages). Separate coverage options are available on a standalone basis. With ForceField®, each coverage option offers the optimal mix of service protection.

ForceField® Directors and Officers Liability:

As economic realities force management to make difficult decisions like cutting programs and reducing resources, additional exposures are created. Heightened scrutiny from patients, regulators, investors, employees and other stakeholders leaves little room for error. Not only is the healthcare organization at risk, the personal assets of its directors and officers are also at stake. Includes Strategic Reponse®, 24/7 access to public relations resources for advice and guidance in the event of a crisis.

ForceField® Employment Practices Liability:

Healthcare organizations remain vulnerable to employment-related lawsuits and generally tend to underestimate the cost of dealing with such charges. Our Employment Practices Liability coverage offers protection against claims made by current, former or prospective employees.

ForceField® Employed Lawyers:

In-house counsel decisions and opinions can have crucial impact on the financial strength, reputation, and contractual agreements of their organizations. With greater responsibility comes greater personal exposure. Our coverage insures the entire in-house counsel staff from allegations of negligence, errors or omissions, breaches of duty, or misleading statements.

ForceField® Fiduciary Liability:

Comprehensive protection for a breach of fiduciary duty in connection with an employee benefit plan. Allied World’s Fiduciary coverage immunizes assets and covers the cost to defend against allegations of fiduciary misconduct, improper advice or disclosure, imprudent investments, breach of ERISA-imposed responsibilities, conflict of interest, and negligence in the administration of a plan. Includes broad definitions of both Plan and Insureds.

ForceField® Crime Coverage:

Healthcare facilities are constantly challenged by (and potentially liable for) the theft of supplies, drugs, and personal property, fraud and forgery. Our Crime coverage reimburses healthcare organizations for direct losses due to theft (by employees or third parties), forgery, or fraud (including computer and credit card fraud). This coverage lets policyholders vaccinate with insuring agreements that apply to their specific needs, giving them critical protection and flexibility.