Bermuda – Casualty

Though many companies offer casualty insurance, Allied World provides comprehensive coverage and a great deal more. We have a flexible and open-minded underwriting philosophy and personalize our approach with every client. Our team of underwriters has years of experience and will craft coverage for the unique exposures of each firm.

Excess Casualty

Target Classes

  • Fortune 1000 companies or equivalent in industries such as Auto Manufacturing and Auto Parts, Chemical, Consumer Products, Defense Contractors, Financial Services, Food Processors, Industrial Equipment, Manufacturers, OL&T/Hotels/Real Estate, Petrochemical, Railroads, Retail, Telecommunication, Utilities, Public and governmental entities, and Larger not-for-profit or charitable organizations.
  • Construction: Wrap-ups, CCIPs, OCIPs, Rolling Programs, Project Specific and Practice Programs

Capacity & Strategy

  • Up to $75M
  • Will consider an attachment point below $5M; no cap on maximum attachment point
  • Can combine capacity with Allied World U.S. and London up to a maximum combined capacity of $75M
  • Self-procured paper including affirmative punitive damages
  • Lloyds paper
  • Excess and Surplus lines paper
  • NY Free Trade Zone paper
  • Ability to support Occurrence, Claims Made, and Occurrence Reported forms; occurrence forms represent over 50% of Bermuda General Casualty Department’s writings

Lead Umbrella

We write lead umbrella coverage excess of significant Self Insured Retentions (SIR) or primary limits for Fortune 1000 companies, public and governmental entities, and larger not-for-profit or charitable organizations. We have the ability to support occurrence, claims made and occurrence reported forms.


  • Up to $25M