Europe + UK – Bespoke

The Bespoke division underwriting team create tailored solutions intended to meet the unique needs of each client. Drawing on extensive market knowledge and technical expertise and working closely with brokers, our underwriters are committed to delivering the highest level of service, are flexible in their approach and are empowered to make decisions.

Key Products

  • Affinity & Enhancement Programmes
  • Ancillary & Commercial Auto
  • Financial Institutions & Collateral Protection

Target Classes

Affinity & Enhancement Programmes:

  • Purchase Protection
  • Corporate Liability Waiver
  • Excess Buy Back
  • Ticket Guard

Ancillary & Commercial Auto:

  • Anti Theft Protection
  • GAP
  • Total Loss Protection
  • Auto Deductible Reimbursement
  • Auto Repair Reimbursement
  • Trucking (Physical damage of both the tractor and trailer units as well as cargo being hauled)

Financial Institutions & Collateral Protection:

  • Mortgage Impairment
  • Lenders Single Interest
  • Involuntary Unemployment