Australia – Casualty

Allied World in the Asia Pacific region is a quality provider of both primary and excess casualty products across a broad range of industries. Through our flexible and open-minded underwriting approach, we have the ability to write entire layers or act as a co-insurer, and offer occurrence, claims-made and occurrence-reported forms.


We offer Primary and Excess:

  • Comprehensive General Liability / Public and Product Liability
  • Construction Third-Party Liability (TPL)
  • Product Liability
  • Umbrella Liability

Underwriting capabilities

Umbrella Liability:

  • Worldwide jurisdiction coverage (including USA / Canada)
  • 100% layer or co-insurance participation
  • Difference in Limits (DIL) / Difference in Conditions (DIC) coverage

Construction Third-Party Liability:

  • Underwriting expertise in all areas of construction, including energy-related projects, infrastructure, and civil works
  • 100% layer or co-insurance participation

Energy Liability:

  • No industry-specific exclusions
  • Underwriting expertise in both onshore and offshore energy liability exposures
  • 100% layer or co-insurance participation

Public & Product Liability:

  • Ability to provide coverage for embedded product recall
  • Ability to support Occurrence and Claims-Made Forms
  • Broad underwriting appetite for manufacturers and/or distributors located in the region
  • 100% layer or co-insurance participation

Environmental Liability (Australia domiciled companies):
Revive Fixed Site

  • All types of industries ranging from healthcare, real estate and public entity to heavy manufacturing, redevelopment projects and mergers and acquisitions.

Revive Service Industry

  • Building trades (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, framing and drywall)
  • General Contractors (commercial, residential, municipal, highway/road, infrastructure mechanical, demolition, industrial, excavation and grading)
  • Maintenance Contractors (industrial and commercial)
  • Remediation Contractors (emergency clean-up, environmental consultants)
  • Specialty Contractors (oil and gas, pipeline/tank installation, drillers


  • Up to AUD 20M in limits for Environmental Liability
  • Up to AUD 25M in limits for Product Liability
  • Up to AUD 30M in limits for all other Products