USA – Accident & Health (A&H)

This new division will provide a wide range of personal accident and health, travel risk management and employer-provided benefit offerings through strategic relationships with program administrators, managing general underwriters, brokers and consultants. Product availability updates are forthcoming.

Accident & Health (A&H) insurance is purchased by organizations and individuals seeking financial protection for expenses that other insurance may not cover and to address uninsured or underinsured exposures. Increased travel and event-related accident, sickness and security exposures, the upward trajectory of major medical deductibles, a thriving Gig economy, and the ability to attract and retain employees, are all cited as reasons organizations choose to add A&H coverage to their risk management and benefit programs.

Why Allied World A&H?

Allied World is coupling best-in-class underwriters who possess a keen understanding of a client’s A&H needs with the latest in technology and data capabilities. We will offer:

  • Underwriting expertise exemplified by highly specialized A&H underwriters dedicated to providing clients with creative solutions and innovative product delivery.
  • Centralized approach to underwriting, promoting maximum cooperation and efficiency in decision-making.
  • Clean-slate technology infrastructure designed to support the efficiency needs of today, with the flexibility to anticipate and address client needs of tomorrow.
  • Multi-jurisdictional global carrier approach to the cross-border challenges multinational corporations face globally in today’s complex compliance environment.
  • Value added services, such as global travel assistance inclusive of security, medical and pandemic incident response and travel intelligence.
  • Dependable partnerships where we seek to cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and a commitment to excellence.

Portfolio of Products

  • Business Travel Accident and Sickness (BTA) which helps cover gaps in employee coverage by combining valuable insurance benefits and services into a single duty of care package, protecting employees when they travel locally, out of state, or out of the country on business.
  • International Scholastic and Work Exchange Travel Accident and Sickness providing travel benefits and services designed for students (High School, Higher Education), faculty and administrators, participants in work exchange programs and international internships, and other non-profit organizations traveling outside their home country to engage in educational or cultural activities.
  • Occupational Accident providing coverage for work-related injuries or death to employees or independent contractors not covered by Workers’ Compensation, including the trucking industry and Gig economy workers.
  • Blanket Special Risk offering accident and injury coverage for participants in activities sponsored by schools, daycares, youth groups, sports teams, recreational, volunteer and community service organizations that conduct activities and events.
  • Supplemental Health designed to fill the gaps of an underlying medical plan by reimbursing an employee’s out-of-pocket medical and other non-medical expenses.