Hong Kong – SME

Allied World offers a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions to help you protect your small business. We take a fresh approach and recognize that no two companies are the same. That is why, as a boutique service provider, we work with our partners to tailor solutions to best meet the individual needs of our customers – whether it be general insurance or protecting your commercial motor fleet.

Key Benefits

  • Tailored Solutions

    We develop tailored solutions to support your business needs.

  • Cost Savings

    We provide quality solutions that allow you to save time and money.

  • Great Customer Service

    We understand what our customers want and support you to ensure you have the protection you need.


  • Beauty & Salon

    With Business Protector Plus – Beauty & Salon, you may enjoy comprehensive cover for your equipment, liability to your customer and employees.

  • Catering

    Running a restaurant or other food service business exposes you to an unique set of risks. Whether it’s a fire in the kitchen, an employee slipping on a wet floor or claims by customers due to food contamination, you need to make sure you are covered for any possibility. With Business Protector Plus – Catering, you may protect your business with comprehensive coverage for loss, damage, theft, liability or interruption to Business.

  • Clinics

    Business Protector Plus – Clinics, is especially designed for medical, dental and even traditional Chinese medical clinics, offering comprehensive covers to protect your business.

  • Education

    It is important that child care centres, kindergartens, nurseries, enrichment or learning centres, provide a safe environment for students, teachers and visitors. Business Protector Plus – Education offers comprehensive covers for such services, including playgroups, before and after school care and special interest classes like tuition, language, art and dancing.

  • Office

    If something happens to your office – like a fire, robbery or system failure – it could seriously affect your business. With Business Protector Plus – Office, you’ll enjoy comprehensive covers for your office contents, giving you peace of mind every time you lock up for the day.

  • Shop

    Fire and smoke, water damage from rainstorm and typhoon, burst of pipes and theft may cause significant loss to your business premises. With Business Protector Plus – Shop, you may enjoy comprehensive cover for your shop contents and interruption of your business.

At Allied World, we offer a range of solutions to protect SMEs from risks. Our one-stop solutions for offices and shops allow SMEs to grow with confidence.