Australia – Marine

Allied World’s Marine team underwrites a broad spread of internationally sourced cargo business including all types of goods in transit – whether by sea, air or land, plus storage risks. We focus on a diverse range of clients from SMEs to multinationals.

Drawing on extensive market knowledge and technical expertise and working closely with producers, our underwriters are committed to delivering the highest level of service, are flexible in their approach and are empowered to make decisions. Risk management and loss control is core to Allied World’s proactive approach to insurance. It is embedded in our underwriting process and is a key differentiator of our client service offerings. We place great emphasis on understanding our clients’ business and the team will travel regularly with the broker to meet, build and maintain relationships, with our clients.

Key coverage

  • Annual cover, single voyage
  • Comprehensive all risks coverage
  • Delay In Start Up insurance
  • Direct, Facultative, Multinational
  • Primary or excess layers
  • Project Cargo
  • Stockthroughput

Target classes

We have a broad appetite including:

  • Heavy Lift
  • Hi-tech/Electronics
  • Manufactured goods
  • Metals and minerals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Project cargo/Infrastructure business


  • Up to US$50M for general cargo and US$50M for project cargo.

Underwriting strategy

  • Building long term and reciprocal relationships with our brokers and clients
  • Delivering outstanding underwriting expertise, service and responsiveness
  • Providing excellent financial security
  • Adding value to clients via our risk management capability
  • Capacity to lead or follow

Risk Management

  • We have in place industry leading experts in Marine Risk Management, including specific expertise in Supply Chain Logistics, Logistics Security and Project Cargo insurance.
  • Our Risk Managers come from the Cargo industry having held global Risk Management positions and having worked on cargo ships loading and unloading all sorts of cargo.
  • This experience and understanding of the realities associated with this complex industry, allows us to offer practical and commercial risk mitigation advice to our clients.

Learn More About Marine Cargo Risk Management

The world is a hazardous place, and transporting high-value, complex or oversized cargo is a hazardous task. The smallest oversight can have the largest consequences. That is why our Marine Cargo risk management team at Allied World is committed to helping clients develop the most practical solutions, ensuring complex cargo safely reaches its destination.